Vegan & Vegetarian Lifestyle Switch

Vegans and Vegetarians are frequently misunderstood as fringe eaters with a passion for animal rights. While many Vegans and Vegetarians do feel passionately about animals, a vegan and/or vegetarian diet and lifestyle go way beyond animal rights. It’s important to note that, while plant-based diets have the ability to provide a variety of health benefits, poor food choices and a lack of planning may result in nutrient deficiencies that can lead to health problems. It is important to seek guidance when making changes to your diet. This will ensure that your diet is providing you with all the nutrients you need for optimal health.

If you decide that a vegan or vegetarian diet is right for you, or you are curious about how the change could impact your current lifestyle, contact us now to schedule a time and speak with one of our specialists. Our experienced practitioners are here to provide the consultation and guidance necessary to ensure a safe and fruitful transition.

The New York City Nutrition Advantage:

  • Weekly calls or in-person sessions
  • Education around replacing animal fat and proteins with plant-based sources
  • Things to look out for in anticipation of the changes your body will go through
  • Tailored recipes that take your food preferences into consideration
  • Meal planning advice and tips setting you on a path to success

New York City Nutrition is as good as it gets! They don’t feed you crazy theories and tell you to eat one carrot stick a day, you get real meal plans that are tailored to you and your tastes/restrictions. – Mikayla S. – Opera Singer Manhattan N.Y.

Questions About A Vegan and/or Vegetarian Lifestyle Switch?

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